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Cadagua at the Texas-Desal 2017 Annual Desalination Conference

CADAGUA, with PLW Waterworks, actively participated in the Texas-Desal 2017 Annual Desalination Conference in Austin last 21st September. This conference is led by the Texas Desalination Association, a body established in 2011 of which PLW Waterworks and Cadagua are members. Its mission is to encourage a better use of the water resources in Texas by means of promoting the treatment of brackish and sea water as alternative sources to the limited surface water.

Cadagua at the Texas-Desal 2017 Annual Desalination Conference

Cadagua and PLW Waterworks each presented their technical talks entitled “Global Partnership for SWRO & Energy Recovery Devices” and “CAMAR  delivery at Possum Kingdom Raw Water Facility” given respectively by Javier Arrieta and Don Bailey. The message conveyed by both presentations boots their capacities to develop Design and Construction projects, together with P3 Public-Private Partnership Projects. Likewise, the event served as a forum to present the new PLW Waterworks firm, bringing together our corporate synergies, ensuring an excellent combination regarding international experience and a deep knowledge on the Texan market.

Proof of the growing interest in these new water resources was the important attendance of public administrations with the following among others: Texas Water Development Board, San Patricio Municipal Water District, San Antonio Water System, Port of Corpus Christi, North Alamo Water Supply Corporation, Lower Valley Water District, Lavaca-Navidad River Authority, El Paso Water, City of Granbury, City of Conroe, Brazosport Water Authority and Brownsville Public Utilities Board.


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